Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dirty Money Performs On SNL

A** On The Floor (ft. Swizz Beatz)

Coming Home

Dirty Money was the musical guest on tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live, performing the two most recent cuts lifted from their upcoming album Last Train To Paris (December 14th). The studio track for "A** On The Floor" isn't nearly as obnoxious as this performance was, with the ever-overrated Swizzy front & center, though it still isn't the level I was expecting hoping for from them. But at least the girls got to sing some lol. I'm currently listening to "The Prelude" & most of it isn't half bad, but, ever the salesman, Diddy, just as above, can't shut up long enough to let the music speak for itself. Talking about the unique "sonic sound" or whatever... James Fauntleroy, who they worked with, did it way before, way better, & for way less shine, if you will. We'll see when the album drops...

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