Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dirty Money "Last Train To Paris (Deluxe Edition)" Details

Even though it's already leaked, I still thought I'd mention that the deluxe edition of Dirty Money's album Last Train To Paris (December 14th) includes two bonus tracks: "Last Night Part 2", the sequel to Diddy's hit with Keyshia Cole, & "Change". I held off posting about this because Amazon had it listed as a 2-disc release, but since the iTunes deluxe edition doesn't even include any video content, I feel I can say with a sufficient amount of certainty that any plans to include a second disc, be it a CD or DVD, were changed. It's also worth noting that the additional songs will not be tacked onto the end of the album, but will instead be sequenced into the album... which brings me to my next point: the album's tracklisting has been switched up since I posted it & you can see what it is now HERE.

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