Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kelly Rowland On Walmart Soundcheck

"Commander"/"When Love Takes Over"/"Dilemma"

Destiny's Child Medley/"Bad Habit"/"Rose Colored Glasses"


Kelly Rowland performed songs old & new, & sat down for an interview as a part of her recent Walmart Soundcheck showcase. Now, I want you to know that I have all the love for Kelly in the world & what I'm about to say is meant to help, not harm, her, but if you're a sensitive soul, please don't read the next few sentences. Anyway, I had more than a few complaints running through my head while I was watching this. For one, you're really gonna lipsync "Commander", autotune & all, Kelly? What, like you can't sing it?! C'mon! Of course, she wasn't at 100% that evening... & it's easy to tell that when an artist has the audience singing more than they are ("when love takes over sing it y'all" are not the words to the song, Kelly). And the way she ab-so-lute-ly *painfully* cheeses up "Survivor" just ruins the whole DC-reminiscening moment I'm trying to have--every time! *end of rant* However, I do think she pretty well got back on track for "Bad Habit" & "Rose Colored Glasses"... although her tendency to deviate from the melody is a bit annoying, especially when it clashes with the backing track. (Oopsie! NOW my rant is over.) I am excited for Kelly to release her new album in 2014 or so. ;)


Anonymous said...

U must be a BEYONCE STAN! (they all hate Kelly and Michelle for some odd reason) Kelly did a good job! U suppose 2 get the audience involved u ...... ur just a hater!

vmars08 said...

Wouldn't waste my time posting about her if I was a hater.

Sichi said...

great music