Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fefe Dobson "Joy" Tracklisting

Keep those fingers crossed, but its a good sign for Fefe Dobson's prospects of finally getting a second album out in the form of Joy (November 30th) that its final tracklisting has surfaced:

1. Ghost
2. Thanks For Nothing
3. Stuttering
4. Can't Breathe
5. You B****
6. Didn't See You Coming
7. Watch Me Move
8. I Want You
9. I'm A Lady
10. In Your Touch
11. Set Me Free
12. Joy

For those curious, although they did switch the sequence up a bit, the only track missing from here that was on the original tracklisting (& got replaced by "Stuttering") is called "Let's Go (Turn It Up)" (Walmart still has the old one up if you wanna see it). Interesting title, although they probably made the right decision because Fefe's latest single has 'hit' written all over it! I'm tellin' ya: Fefe's your favorite singer you've never known.


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