Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ciara "Basic Instinct" Tracklisting

Ciara's long-overdue fourth album Basic Instinct will finally drop on December 14th & the set's tracklisting has been revealed at long last:

1. Basic Instinct (U Got Me)
2. Ride (ft. Ludacris)
3. Gimmie Dat
4. Heavy Rotation
5. Girls Get Your Money
6. Yeah I Know
7. Speechless
8. You Can Get It
9. Turn It Up (ft. Usher)
10. Wants For Dinner
11. I Run It

I'm really trying to see the bright side here. Only two true "leaks" (tracks 9 & 11) made the cut, as the other four that we've heard were all singles of some sort & had videos, so that's good. We haven't heard the other five songs (save CiCi's snippets from 106 last week) at all, including one (track 6) that we haven't even heard OF yet. With that said, I absolutely must air out some frustrations I have. Where the f*** is "Get It Girl"? That's my friggin' JAM! And, although I suppose there's a *slight* chance its title has just been changed to "Yeah I Know", where is "Flaws", which was announced as definitely having made the album? That one sounded interesting... Of course, they COULD have put them on there & the album would still only have 13 tracks, which is the same amount of songs that Fantasy Ride had & therefore certainly reasonable. But no, instead, we get the wack Usher track. I also feel like putting "I Run It" at the end of the album is taking the lazy way out... they could've done something more creative than that with it. I get the sinking feeling that the album we would've gotten on August 17th was going to include the aforementioned tracks & would've been the potential masterpiece that Ciara created with Tricky & The-Dream, but either she or the label got scared & pushed it back to have time to record some more radio-friendly crap for the album, like the Usher song. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that it's all going to backfire because there is less buzz about the album now than there was when "Ride" was making its way up the charts. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


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Joe said...

definitely gettin this on 12/14. Amazing video for Gimmie Dat