Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christina Milian Album Update

The ever-elusive Christina Milian made a rare (professional) appearance at the AMAs & gave an update on her much-delayed third studio album (in the US anyway). Christina revealed that she is "just getting started on revamping" the 2011 project formerly known as Elope formerly known as Dream In Color, which she goes into more detail about below:

"I just had to find some time to revamp & regroup everything for what this new album's gonna be. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be sexy, it's gonna be everything that embodies what has happened in my life, but of course in the most fun manner."

However, for those, like myself, that are unsure how one would sing about a divorce in a "fun" way, Christina also said that the project will include some "intimate" material. I was afraid of this. I'm sure some of the plethora of music that has leaked by Ms. Milian as of late was from the Dream In Color era & if so, that was a disaster we thankfully avoided, but I was truly excited about Elope. The work she was doing with The-Dream really was innovative (for her at least) & showed some growth, which is likely not what we're going to receive now. Our saving grace however may just be that this album will come via Interscope Records, which may pick up the tap for some hot producers. (This seemingly clears up her label situation, as she was signed to Radio Killa Records, an Interscope subsidiary, but in light of her divorce, a split with Radio Killa was, if nothing else, assumed, resulting in confusion...)

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