Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alicia Keys "Buy Life" World AIDS Day Campaign

Alicia Keys has digitally died to help raise money through Buy Life, a part of Keep A Child Alive, for World AIDS Day (December 1st). She has been joined by the likes of Usher, Janelle Monae, & Jennifer Hudson, all of whom have filmed their 'last tweet & testament' to raise awareness of the campaign, which you can watch by clicking their respective names. They won't tweet again (OH NO! lol) until $1 million is raised. It kinda rubs me the wrong way when celebrities who could shell out a milli like it's nothing want us poor working folk to pay up instead... but I suppose it's all for a good cause regardless. If you'd like to make a donation/buy their digital lives back, HERE is the place to do it.


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