Thursday, October 7, 2010

*UPDATED* Rihanna "Loud" Update + Promo Pics

A pair of new promotional photos (I'm not gonna lie--it's likely the latter is from her "Only Girl" video shoot) for Rihanna's upcoming fifth album Loud (November 16th) have surfaced, as have a few more details regarding the album itself. Fellow Bajan Shontelle has fessed up to co-writing "Man Down", while it has also been revealed that Drake will be featured on the album version of the Stargate-produced "What's My Name?". In addition, "S&M" was produced by Stargate (as was "Only Girl"... now things are making sense...)--I know somebody who's gonna love this album! Lastly, a couple of minor title changes: "Cheers (Drink To That)" (formerly "Cheers") was added to, while "California King Bed" (formerly "California King (Bed)") had its parentheses taken away, poor thing. It's kinda crappy that the "collaboration" between childhood friends Shontelle & RiRi couldn't have had the more successful Bajan supporting the other in a 'featuring'-type situation, but whatever. As for the pictures, I'm not in love with the red hair, but it kinda works here.

UPDATE: Another ballad titled "Scared Of Beautiful" has been confirmed for the project.

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Chris said...

mhmmm I'm glad you understand that! And you'll be jammin to that album soon enough!