Friday, September 10, 2010

Shontelle "No Gravity" Tracklisting

Now that the September 21st release date for Shontelle's sophomore album has finally stuck, No Gravity is fast approaching, with it's tracklisting having just been unveiled. Take a look:

1. Perfect Nightmare
2. Impossible
3. No Gravity
4. Take Ova
5. Say Hello To Goodbye
6. DJ Made Me Do It
7. Love Shop
8. Helpless
9. Kiss You Up
10. T-Shirt (Radio Killa Remix)

Altogether now: O_o . Not only has a solid majority of the 10-song set already leaked, but... an old "T-Shirt" remix? As one of the *whopping* TEN tracks?! Also, note the absence of "Licky (Under The Covers)". Strange...


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