Tuesday, September 7, 2010

*UPDATED* Rihanna Album Update

Ryan Seacrest premiered Rihanna's new single "Only Girl (In The World)", the first off her upcoming fifth album Loud (or Loud! ... or LOUD!), which is due in November, today:

The Stargate ("Don't Stop The Music", "Hate That I Love You") production is a dirty trash can full of poop. Not only has Rihanna reverted back to her "S.O.S."/record-whatever-the-radio-will-play days of creativity-less-ness, but this dance shiz is actually worse than that crap! All I can say is R.I.P. Rated R... :(

UPDATE: The release date for Loud has been confirmed as November 16th. Oh, & for the heck of it, check out the single cover for "Only Girl" below (shouts to Neon Limelight):

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Ebony said...

rihanna iz mah girl so shut up cuz she iz amazing and you aint no genyis so kool of