Wednesday, September 1, 2010

*UPDATED* Mariah Carey Christmas Album Update

It's been a bit of a slow news day, but we do have an update on Mariah Carey's upcoming Christmas album! It looks like the project will in fact be a sequel to her 1994 classic, with the new album being titled Merry Christmas II You & set for release on November 2nd. Another interesting tidbit that's surfaced is that an accompanying DVD will also drop the same day, but it is currently unknown what will be included on it. Regardless, it sounds great! Now, how about an 'ultimate fan pack' edition with Angels Advocate & Mariah Carey Vs. Jump Smokers attached? Hey, a stan can dream, right?!

UPDATE: Mariah recently recorded five songs for Merry Christmas II You--two original & three traditional--with a full live band. The two original cuts, both co-written by Marc Shaiman (Broadway's "Hairspray") & likely to make the album, are titled "Christmas Time Is In The Air Again" & "One Child".

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Shangay Lily said...

This are excellent news indeed. Congrats on your blog. I Love It. And about the Memoirs re-edition I'd looove it but it seem the JumpSmokers project has been shelved for good. Such a pity. This is one of her best albums and a favourite

Anonymous said...

YEAH I would be head over heels if they release either the "angels advocate" remix lp, the jump smokers remix lp, OR even the angels cry concert on DVD they recorded during her vegas shows and tour. that would be AWESOME!