Friday, September 24, 2010

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Join American Idol Judges Panel

Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler have (finally) been officially announced as the new judges on American Idol. Following the departures of Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, & Kara DioGuardi, the pair will join sole returning judge Randy Jackson on the panel for the show's tenth season. However, the judges panel isn't the only place Idol will see changes this season. Probably the most exciting revelation is that Interscope head Jimmy Iovine (the fifth guy in the photo below) will be the contestants' in-house mentor. Although Iovine will take the place of weekly guest mentors, he will bring in producers like Timbaland to coach the contestants. Also, there won't be any more genre-specific themes. It's additionally worth noting that Jennifer now has a first look deal with FOX that allows her to develop film & TV projects for them. I think this deal is good for J.Lo (I've already posted a more lengthy opinion about her new gig) & it sounds like having their original executive producer Nigel Lythgoe back is gonna work out great for the show! Ever since it was announced that the music group that'll be signing the Idols from now on was changed from Sony to Universal, I've been saying that Jimmy Iovine would be the best possible replacement for Simon & the decision they've made might just be even better re: the prospect of finding/nurturing talented singers this season, as Jimmy Iovine runs an excellent label. I almost can't believe it after last season, but I'm actually excited about the new season of Idol--these fresh new changes came just in time!


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