Wednesday, September 15, 2010

David Archuleta "The Other Side Of Down (Deluxe Edition)" Details

On October 5th, you will have the option to purchase David Archuleta's sophomore album The Other Side Of Down in a deluxe version with an accompanying DVD. No bonus tracks will be included, but along with the slightly altered artwork (see left) comes the "Something 'Bout Love" music video & making-of footage, an interview, behind-the-scenes of the album photoshoot, & a photo gallery. As usual, this is what I'll be buying! How does it sound to you?



violet4ever said...

Definitely! I preordered one at the Shop section of David's official site and that will be for one of my sisters because I preordered another with a limited signed CD booklet at Newbury Comics. I also donated to David Beyond Borders so a needy fan will get one too. There's also a really nice boxed Fan Edition w/ nice extra gifts in the Shop of David's official site.

Anonymous said...

I preordered a deluxe version on itunes because there is a bonus song. I found that usually bonus songs are different feel and very good in a way. Hey, Archie wrote about 50 songs and we get to hear only 12 on the regular album. It's not fair.

AshleyR said...

Love him! Can't wait for this album!