Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christina Aguilera Does Cosmopolitan UK Magazine

Christina Aguilera glams up the October issue of Cosmopolitan in the UK. Personally, I love the picture on the left below! I can't wait to see "Burlesque" come November, but before we put this whole Bionic era behind us, I would just like to say that especially with "Not Myself Tonight" performing as well as it could, for Christina to sell >100K in first week sales really is an accomplishment in 2010, especially--I hate to say it, but--for a woman. Even though I actually prefer music by women, generally speaking, Katy Perry is the first solo woman to top the Billboard 200 since Ke$ha in January... in other words, women don't sell music... for whatever reason. Everybody who actually bought Bionic loves it, & coming from someone who does & is perfectly willing to listen to music from both sexes, women > men, so if you feel the same way, support talented ladies!


Anonymous said...

I am a man and I bought Bionic its a really great album i have no problem listening to music by men or women as long as i'm enjoying the quality. You might be right because of the huge success Katy's singles made and the shocking first week of album sales. Hopefully its sells more

Anonymous said...

I love you, great article, i LOVE bionic too!!...kisess