Friday, August 20, 2010

Keri Hilson & T.I. Perform "Got Your Back" On Jimmy Kimmel

Keri Hilson joined T.I. again to perform their collaboration "Got Your Back" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I'm sorry that I'm bringing this up here, as Keri kills her part on this song, but are you noticing how rap songs with singers doing the hook are taking over the world? I was talking to someone recently & they told me they liked some godawful song on the radio, & I got to thinking & asked them if they liked the song or the chorus. Turns out, nobody likes all these rappers or their verses on their songs--they just like the catchy choruses! How sad is that? I think singers with rap features can be brilliant, but it's just a mess the other way around. I know it makes hit songs, but then again, so can a few bored kids with a silly news report & a little autotune... One more thing: Listen to T.I. during this performance as if you've never heard him before (close your eyes if it helps) & TELL me he doesn't sound, err, mentally challenged?! And I don't even hate him...

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