Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*UPDATED* Fantasia Hospitalized Following Overdose

Let's try to stick to the facts: Late Monday, Fantasia was taken to a North Carolina hospital after overdosing on "aspirin & a sleep aid," but is now in "stable" condition. The supposed police report from the incident states that police were responding to what they were told was a suicide attempt, but a statement released by her manager today says that "her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated & exhausted at the time." According to the statement, the American Idol winner was "overwhelmed" following sexual allegations made in divorce papers filed by Paula Cook, wife of Antwaun Cook, who Fantasia has acknowledged dating while he was married, although "she believed him when he told her he & Mrs. Cook [had] separated." The singer, whose third album Back To Me appears to still be on schedule for an August 24th release, although it is unknown at this time if her reality show Fantasia For Real will stick to its September 19th premiere date, is set to "be released from the hospital soon." Please keep Fantasia & her family in your thoughts & prayers.

UPDATE: Fantasia's manager confirms that late Wednesday, she was released from the hospital.

UPDATE #2: Fans can rest easy (well, sorta) in knowing that Fantasia's overdose was most likely NOT a suicide attempt because the singer appears not to have a reason to be upset, considering she was spotted Thursday--the day after getting released from the hospital--outside of her home probably filming her reality show(!)... with her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook. Why? I do not know.

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