Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exclusive: JoJo "Doorway To My Dreams" Mixtape

A little while back, there seemed to be a JoJo leak every day. It's all seemed to subside for now, but not before JoJo fell victim to a massive number of tracks leaking at one time, a fate several artists faced not too long ago. Well, before that happened, I decided to make use of the numerous songs that had leaked one-by-one from JoJo, considering her serially delayed third album All I Want Is Everything hadn't--& still hasn't--seen the light of day. That's not to say that all of the leaks were 100% album-worthy, but it certainly helps tide fans over who are patiently awaiting the singer's return to the spotlight. As it turns out though, if you ask me, these songs are generally of better quality than those included in the mass-leak that occurred after I put together this "mixtape" I like to call Doorway To My Dreams anyway. I titled it Doorway To My Dreams because--not only is it one of three possible titles for the last track ("Miss My Flight" is another... I just chose to use my favorite)--after all the legal mess JoJo has gone through over the past few years, putting music out there is in fact the doorway to her dream of being a successful recording artist, is it not? So, without further ado, enjoy the musical stylings of JoJo, refer to the tracklisting below, & remind yourself why you loved her voice in the first place.

1. Wrong Man For The Job
2. Back Words
3. Impossible To Love
4. How You Did It
5. 25 To Life
6. Safe With Me
7. Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)
8. Hooked On You
9. Something In The Water
10. You Take Me (Around The World)
11. I Hate Love
12. Forever In My Life
13. Fly Away

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