Friday, August 13, 2010

Britney Spears Set To Appear On Glee

Ever since the announcement that Glee would be doing a tribute episode to the one & only Britney Spears (which I did not report because I find the show revolting it didn't have anything to do with the singer directly) was made, speculation has gone back & forth as to whether or not Ms. Spears would make an appearance on the episode herself. As it turns out it seems that fans have reason to be excited because Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to Ryan Seacrest this week that Britney WILL be making an appearance in the episode, entitled "Britney/Brittany", which is set to air on September 28th as the season's second episode on FOX. I'm personally not a fan of the show (to put it nicely), but you can't deny the power it currently has in pop culture, so for them to tribute Britney is both cool & appropriate, & with Britney in on it, I'll be tuning in!

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