Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teairra Mari Update

To clarify, this is an all-in-one album/EP/mixtape update... because they all kinda affect each other. Anyway, Teairra Mari has finally caught on to what we've all been saying for quite some time now & realized that she is not 'at that point' anymore, so she's decided to start from scratch on her upcoming sophomore album & has scrapped the title as well. Considering the numerous leaks, which she cites as her reasoning behind going back to the drawing board, her decision is perfectly understandable, but for the people (see: me) who were digging the direction she was going with At That Point... here comes her Sincerely Yours EP to the rescue! The 7-song set, which *fingers crossed* will be released digitally to iTunes on August 17th, is confirmed to include the songs "Sponsor", "Body", "Emergency", "Operator", "Might Get Lucky", & "Hunt 4 U" (& hopefully "Lights Go Down", which would give us what would have been the complete At That Point album). Now, why "Automatic" isn't being included (not that I want it to be at THIS point), seeing as how it has a video, I don't know... unless they just couldn't afford to pay Nicki Minaj LOL! As for Teairra's Point Of No Return mixtape, it will be half remixes, a la her Usher & Drake covers for which she has shot videos, & half original material. Remixes we can expect will be of Alicia Keys' "Empire State Of Mind (Part 2) Broken Down", a dedication to Mari's hometown of Detroit, as well as Young Jeezy's "Lose My Mind" & Rick Ross' "Super High". (Check out the recently leaked "Coins" below, which I suspect to be one of the 6-7 original recordings featured on Point Of No Return. Mavado aside, I like it!) The mixtape is set to be released either the first or last (full) week in August. I say first--not just because I'm impatient, but because it might help generate some buzz for her EP. Either way, after this news overload & considering the prospect that we might FINALLY get some Teairra music, which one of the above emotions are you feeling?! ;)

Coins (ft. Mavado)

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