Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melanie Fiona Performs "Bang Bang" On Regis & Kelly

Melanie Fiona pulled "Bang Bang" out of her bag of tricks for a performance on Live With Regis & Kelly recently. Short, but sweet. It's good to see that they are 'bridging' the gap between albums by continuing to promote The Bridge instead of having Melanie simply disappear.


Anonymous said...

She has great talent but from her debut album i only liked like only 3 tracks off it and i was dissappointed cuz she has a great voice so i'm hoping her next album will be much better

vmars08 said...

I must say, the retro vibe of 'The Bridge' didn't really get much repeated play from me either, but I like the direction she went with "It Kills Me" & since it was so successful, I have a feeling she'll be doing some similar stuff on her new album... as well as some more modern-sounding stuff hopefully!