Friday, July 30, 2010

Kelly Rowland Album Update

It seems like these days, Kelly Rowland just stays backtracking when it comes to her forthcoming third album. The (now) as-yet-untitled project has been pushed back (again) a week to November 2nd, the only explanation for which I can come up with is because people will have just gotten paid. Kelly did recently reveal however that a song being considered for inclusion on the album is a girl power anthem entitled "I'm That Chick". How original... lol. Also, she has expressed interest in writing with Adam Lambert for the project & they are currently working on getting it set up! That's good & all... I mean, I wish she'd just stop recording already & get this train (which is already in motion) a-movin'... not that Universal Motown has any interest/history in doing so either... but a collaboration between the two of them would be incredible!

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Anonymous said...

people will lose their interest in the album if she keeps pushing back.Let's hope this is the final official date