Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kelly Rowland Album Update

A lot has been going on with Kelly Rowland's upcoming third solo album since we last checked up on the project. For one, it's no longer self-titled; instead, Kelly is asking her fans to name the album & you can click HERE to enter your submission. Judging by her attitude towards the album thus far & the level of individualism she has displayed recently, I was starting to really like the idea of the disc being self-titled, but oh well. Also, whatever she calls the album, it's now set to come out on October 26th. The pushback, Kelly claims, is because she hasn't finished recording yet, recently hitting the studio with the likes of Tricky Stewart & Akon. Yay!.. & nay. You know what though? I really wish people would stop announcing release dates & then pushing them back to finish recording. Finish, THEN announce a date so you can stick to it! Pushbacks are killing the industry because the label gets unnecessarily scared, then the fans get frustrated & pull their support. Get with the program, folks!



sam said...

I know how u feel just life Ciara's "Basik Instinct". Anyways i'm a huge kelly rowland fan and i will support her no matter what

sam said...

i'm sry i meant to write Like not life. lol