Friday, July 2, 2010

*UPDATED* Dondria "Dondria Vs. Phatfffat" Sampler + More

Phatfffat Service Announcement! Dondria has posted an album sampler for her upcoming debut Dondria Vs. Phatfffat of songs that will make the cut. If she is to be believed (which, unless Jermaine Dupri has yet to inform her otherwise, she is), the album is still slated for release on August 3rd, which is excellent news, especially considering the fact that Ciara just pushed her new album up to the August 17th. You can check out a list of the tracks that are featured in the sampler below, but after you do that...

You're The One
Shawty Wus Up (ft. Johnta Austin & Diamond)
You're The One (Remix ft. Jermaine Dupri)
Still Be With Me
Can You Help Me
Can't Take This Anymore

...there's more to this post to love than just that! For one, check out her performance of "You're The One" from Good Day Atlanta that aired in May, but was only just added to Dondria's YouTube channel for online audiences to enjoy. Also, a while back I posted the dance remix to "You're The One", mistaking it for the urban one. Well, below you can find the real urban remix--JD's Jeep Remix--which she performed during this year's BET Awards Pre-Show (+ I retweeted a link to get it), & in case you missed it, HERE is the other remix--the DJ Chuckie remix.

You're The One (JD's Jeep Remix ft. Jermaine Dupri)

UPDATE: Today, Dondria released an official Dondria Vs. Phatfffat album sampler (see below), which includes some of the songs previously previewed, with "Can't Take This Anymore" now being called "No More", as well as a snippet of "Makin' Love". Also, the August 17th release date has now been confirmed as the official one *sigh*.

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