Saturday, July 24, 2010

Christina Milian Getting Divorced

<-- Take a good look at that & tell me what out there could possibly be better enough to give Christina Milian up..? Well, first off, The-Dream, who has managed to achieve the unfathomable feat of being the world's biggest AND dumbest douchebag--all in one chubby little package, cheats on her, HIS WIFE. Then, they announce their *surprise* separation. Now, it has been revealed that NINE days before his WIFE gave BIRTH to their CHILD, The-Dream filed for divorce from her. ~ AND, as I type this, it has just been unveiled that Christina denies having been separated from The-Dream (as he claims) at the time he filed the divorce papers, thus rendering his reasoning that their marriage was "irrevocably broken" void & stating instead that the divorce should be granted due to his infidelities. And *deep breath* because this whole situation wasn't messy enough, Christina has admitted to signing documentation that disallows her from receiving any spousal support in the event of a divorce--documentation that The-Dream presented to his 9-MONTH PREGNANT wife, who was in no state to sign such paperwork. ~ Altogether now: WHAT A DOUCHE!!! Chris Beatdown, is there anything you would like to say to Terius?


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