Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Mariah Carey Vs. Jump Smokers" Update

It looks like the Mariah Carey Vs. Jump Smokers remix album isn't going to be released after all. Mariah's *wonderful* label has taken the Memoirs dance remix album off the schedule & put it "on hold indefinitely"... that is, unless we complain loud enough. To add insult to injury though--if you're taking the glass-half-empty route--one of the remixes that would've been featured on the album has leaked (see below)... & it's really good. We could partially blame Rihanna since her Rated R: Remixed album failed to chart in the top half of the Billboard 200, but really, that's on Def Jam too. Ugh. It's just so silly to waste the material, which is already done, & not at least put it out there digitally; of course, with the whole '$10 MSRP' thing right now, it shouldn't cost much to also release physically. So frustrating!

Angels Cry (Jump Smokers Remix)

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