Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah McLachlan "Laws Of Illusion" Tracklisting

The release of Sarah McLachlan's long-awaited new album Laws Of Illusion on June 15th is now just under a month away. As the album's release date approaches, we now have its tracklisting, which you can check out below:

1. Awakenings
2. Illusions Of Bliss
3. Loving You Is Easy
4. Changes
5. Forgiveness
6. Rivers Of Love
7. Love Come
8. Out Of Tune
9. Heartbreak
10. Don't Give Up On Us
11. U Want Me 2
12. Bring On The Wonder
13. Love Come (Piano Version)

So, it's not exactly longer than her last studio album--the 10-track Afterglow--since tracks 11 & 12 were featured on Sarah's previously released greatest hits collection Closer, but I'm definitely not complaining. Not to mention that there was certainly nothing lacking about Afterglow!


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