Monday, May 24, 2010

Leona Lewis Performs On Rock In Rio

Love Letter


Take A Bow

I Got You

Better In Time


Bleeding Love


Leona Lewis performed a lengthy set as a part of this year's Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Portugal. The main thing to take away from these performances is that Leona, who is currently prepping for her first tour, has improved her stage presence immensely (see: "Take A Bow"). Unfortunately, during the moments when she is the most entertaining, her vocals are uncharacteristically lacking... but they do make a comeback on the duller ballads. That said, I'm liking how some of the songs' tempos have been brought up a bit (see: "Better In Time"). I'll bet her tour would actually be worth watching--& not just listening to--now. Leona's latest album Echo is available now.

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