Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kelis "Flesh Tone" Tracklisting + Preview

The tracklisting for Kelis' new album Flesh Tone, which comes out July 6th, but sees an early release overseas on Monday, was revealed a little while back, but I held off on posting it until I was sure it wouldn't change for the US release. Well, I'm still not positive, but I wanted to provide the link for you to listen to the album snippets, so I thought I'd go ahead & post what will likely be the album's only tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. 22nd Century/Segue 1
3. 4th Of July (Fireworks)/Segue 2
4. Home/Segue 3
5. Acapella/Segue 4
6. Scream
7. Emancipate/Segue 5
8. Brave/Segue 6
9. Song For The Baby

Not sure what the segues are about, but you can listen to the album preview HERE. Flesh Tone is not exactly the album I'm most looking forward to this summer, but I'm being open-minded about the project because if anyone can convince me to listen to a dance album, it's Kelis. Tracks 2-6 have already leaked & my favorite of those is "Home", while "Brave" also sounds like a winner. It shouldn't take too long for us to find out though...


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