Saturday, May 1, 2010

Idol Review: Top 6

It was basically country week on the show this week, but even though there were more guest performances on the results show than I can ever remember there being, the mentor & only person I would've cared to hear sing (Shania Twain), for whatever reason, didn't. Instead, Old Yeller 2.0 (was awful... &) chose to ruin one of her nicest songs--as did Michael, for that matter. Casey was praised by the judges & still ended up in the bottom two... -_- , while Crystal finally got an itty bitty bit of the judges' disapproval that she so deserves. Aaron... I'm running out of energy... welp, I don't care. But here's something that got me excited: Siobhan is gone! Weee!! Now, check out Boonquisha on The BabyV Show:

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