Saturday, May 8, 2010

Idol Review: Top 5

Another lame week, as I find it hilarious (yet painful) that they choose this bunch for a Frank Sinatra theme, one that is COMPLETELY out of their element. Hilarious, yet painful perfectly sums up watching Casey perform without his guitar this week. Crystal keeps screwing up so badly that even her biggest fans the judges don't like her, paving the way for the awful Old Yeller 2.0 to win... 3 years in a row, people? Really?! Michael may be the only one who has a smooth enough voice to sing this kind of music, but that certainly doesn't mean he was any good. As for Aaron leaving, I would be more excited if Casey hadn't been so unbelievably deserving of having to pack his bags this week... oh, who am I kidding, I'm ecstatic! Now, here's Vonzell to remind all of y'all what singing's supposed to sound like on this week's The BabyV Show:

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