Friday, May 14, 2010

Idol Review: Top 4

Fantasia "Bittersweet"

Daughtry "September"

Ah, just to think how exciting Idol normally is at this stage... *sigh* at least there were finally some decent performances on results night again this week! You show 'em what sangin' sounds like, 'Tasia!! (Daughtry sounded good, even if the song sounds like all their other ones lol.) I guess I'll get into Tuesday night's mess... Old Yeller 2.0 was awful & had no business doing that song. Michael was a fool for thinking he could take on the song J-Hud sang at MJ's funeral. Crystal & Lee took what Kris made so beautiful & turned it into a complete joke. Casey made one of the worst song choices I can remember anyone ever making. Crystal squawked something. Casey & Michael made for one heck of an odd (talentless) couple. Michael finally went where America sent him five weeks ago. Aaand Casey is in the top three ROFLMFAO!!! Now, onto someone who was actually worthy of making the top three when she did... the latest episode of The BabyV Show:

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