Friday, May 21, 2010

Idol Review: Top 3

By now, you know I'm appalled by this season of American Idol, but this week especially... wow. In particular, I'm talking about Old Yeller 2.0's final performance. It would be a compliment to even say that he sounded just like the original--& although it was incredibly inappropriate for him to be accompanied by a black choir, if only for the sake of a fabricated "moment," I'm willing to forgive even that--but what absolutely kills me is that he performed JASON CASTRO's "Hallelujah" & they acted like he did a brilliant job! Only idiots perform songs that previous contestants have had "moments" with (Yes, I'm looking at you, Aaron Kelly & Tim Urban...) & the best they can hope for is mediocrity, which just proves that if Simon Cowell himself has to stoop to this level to create a "moment" that would never have happened organically, this show has undeniably lost it. Not that his other performance wasn't awful... or Casey's... or either of Crystal's terrible or tone-deaf (respectively) performances. But, hey, at least the producers got the finale they wanted (Bye Casey!)... that is, the worst finale ever, which fits in just grand with the rest of this pathetic season! Get excited though because on this week's episode of The BabyV Show, Boonquisha plays a snippet of a new Vonzell song called "Moma's Boy":

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