Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exclusive: Wynter Gordon "The Cure For Wynter" Mixtape

In July of last year, Wynter Gordon was set to release The Cure For Wynter, which would have been her second mixtape after The Trouble With Wynter. As opposed to the dance music featured on her first mixtape, judging by the three tracks she offered as a preview (which are denoted below), Wynter's second mixtape was headed in a more R&B direction. As it turns out, Wynter decided not to release The Cure For Wynter, but she did give me permission via Twitter not too long ago to create my own version of the mixtape using the several tracks of hers that have leaked. Of course, you know by now that I did just that, but it just so happens that I put it together before it was announced that "Dirty Talk" would be her first single, so it works out perfectly so that you can get your first taste of both Wynter's sound & album in one! Wynter, who is also an excellent songwriter (Jennifer Lopez's "What Is Love?"), has a wonderfully unique vocal ability & I hope this has you anticipating her debut album With The Music I Die as much as I am. Check out the tracklisting below &, as always, listen to the "mixtape" above.

1. Dirty Talk
2. Rotten Apple*
3. Sweet Dreams
4. Wynter*
5. Should Have Known
6. Created A Monster
7. Insomnia
8. Feel It
9. Toyfriend (ft. David Guetta)
10. Had Enough
11. I'll Find A Way*
12. Guarded

P.S. I found the above little cover art for The Cure For Wynter on Google images & although I'm not sure if it was ever meant to be official or not, I liked it, so I decided to use it. However, I couldn't find a bigger version of the cover, so I just found the picture &... ya. :)

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