Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exclusive: Ciara "Kingdom Of Dance" Mixtape

Ciara stans will recall that when her third album Fantasy Ride was announced, it was to include three discs with 5-6 similarly-themed tracks on each, one of which, entitled Kingdom Of Dance, was to be the uptempo disc. Unfortunately, after the underrated "Go Girl" tanked & Jive decided to cut Fantasy Ride down to a single disc, we just got a few uptempos scattered throughout the sequence of the album. Funny thing is, two of the era's best bangers ("Echo" & "I'm On") only made it onto the deluxe edition &, after the album was released, better uptempos than made the final cut began to leak! As always, I took it upon myself to put together my own version of what would've undoubtably been the best of the original three Fantasy Ride discs, making sure to follow the "rules" initially set out by Ciara to ensure believability. I'm sure you've probably heard all of these songs before & that you might consider this whole thing outdated anyway, but since this "mixtape" isn't very long to begin with, you can just think of this one as a bonus to go along with the rest I've been posting lately. Listen to Kingdom Of Dance above & check out its tracklisting below:

1. I'm On
2. Feelin' On My A (ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett)
3. Go Girl (ft. T-Pain)
4. Switch
5. Echo
6. Pucker Up

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