Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dirty Money "Last Train To Paris" Update

Details are starting to emerge as Dirty Money's album Last Train To Paris (June 29th) approaches. Diddy, being who he is, has enlisted an all-star lineup of guests for the project that includes Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Lil' Wayne, Chris Beatdown, Swizz Beatz, Bilal, & Drake, who is featured on the mediocre leaked track "Hurt", which isn't confirmed to be on the album yet. These are in addition to the previously announced Nicki Minaj ("Hello Good Morning" remix), T.I. ("Hello Good Morning"), & Rick Ross ("Hello Good Morning" & "Angels" remixes), who may or may not be featured on more, but hopefully more in Nicki's case! Add the world's greatest songwriter James Fauntleroy into the mix & you've got yourself one album that I'm sure anticipating!

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Anonymous said...

Chris Beatdown??? don't tell me your a cb hater.

vmars08 said...

:) Rihanna might, but I don't have to forgive him. I have no problem with him moving on with his personal life, but I will not support him as a recording artist because impressionable children look up to him & they are given the message that simply because he can sing, what he did is ok for him or anyone. However, I don't blog about him, positive or negative, unless it's related to an artist I do like because my goal is not to hate--like I said, I just don't support him.

Anonymous said...

of course you don't have to forgive him, neither does he own anyone apology but Rihanna which already gave her one. Also yes, he an artist but he also human, a young boy who make mistake and completed his punishment. I think lame people says celebrities have to be role model, can't parents raise their own kids to have better judgement.

I mean, of course violence is a big issue but if your going judge someone from a personal situation that f* bias because it what you got to bring to table.

I love Rihanna, I love chris brown all the bs just need to just be left alone PERIOD!