Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amerie Album Update

Following the disappointing reception of her last album In Love & War, Amerie isn't wasting any time dusting herself off & moving on. She has just dropped a buzz track entitled "Who's Gonna Love You" (listen below). In addition, her next album title has been revealed: Cymatica Vol. 1. Leave it to Amerie to come up with something like that! I'm always a little iffy about artists putting out 'volumes' because Vol. 2 often never comes... lol, but I'll concern myself with that later. As for the song, not that it's groundbreaking, but I think I can already tell that I'm gonna like this album even better than her last one! This is a lot closer to the sound I like to hear from Amerie. It's what she does well--signature Amerie--& I think people should pretty much stick with what they do best.

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