Monday, May 10, 2010

Album Review: We Are The Fallen "Tear The World Down"

Following her early exit in sixth place on the seventh season of American Idol, Carly Smithson turned down offers to record pop music in hopes of achieving her dream of becoming a rock star. Luckily for her, good things come to those who wait & she finally became the lead singer of We Are The Fallen, a new band made up of the original members of Evanescence. The time has now come for We Are The Fallen to Tear The World Down with the release of their debut album, which is full of Carly's powerful, soaring vocals complemented by some pretty great rock music.

"Bury Me Alive": The first single off the album was a good introduction to the band, if not the most original-sounding song ever. I do quite like the orchestral outro of it though. 4.5/5

"Burn": This one's a pretty big uptempo track to rock out to & it's pretty good. 4/5

"Paradigm": Slowing it down just a bit, Carly really shines on this one. 4.5/5

"Don't Leave Me Behind": I love the chorus on this 'slow jam,' if rock can be described in that way... I'm a little out of my element here. 5/5

"Sleep Well My Angel": A nice ballad. I really do like it, even if it does sound a bit like something Celine Dion would record, as strange as that sounds. 4.5/5

"Through Hell": Good, but a little run-of-the-mill. 4/5

"I Will Stay": Carly's vocals are killer here. Absolutely ridiculous. I love it! 5/5

"Without You": One of the better uptempos. In the context of the "rock" genre, this is the kind of song I like. 4.5/5

"St. John": A really cool song to begin with, but the guitar solo is the cherry on top. 4.5/5

"I Am Only One": Another very nice ballad with lyrics that are just a tad cliche for my taste. 4.5/5

"Tear The World Down": An awesome closer. I love this band's emphasis on strings! 4.5/5

I have to mention what a shame it is that their cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" isn't included on the album. Talk about an improvement over the original! It would've been an added bonus, but at least you can find it online. Anyway, Tear The World Down has it all & is an excellent debut from We Are The Fallen. The best part about it for me is that even for people who aren't typically fans of rock music, if you like talent or just good music, this album's for you.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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Anonymous said...

nice review, but a few things:

even when BMA first came out last year i wasn't feelin it. def pref the acoustic over the rock version too, not sure why i never got into the song, i just didn't.

top rockers for me are - paradigm and st john

top ballads are - swma and iws

very solid debut album by these guys, but i can't help but feel it could have been better. hopefully their next album will just grab me by the balls and NOT let go, whereas this one just grabs me and lets go.