Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toni Braxton "Pulse" Tracklisting

A tracklisting for Toni Braxton's sixth studio album Pulse (May 4th) popped up over the weekend & I'm not sure if I believed the 'UK only' rumor due to wishful thinking or not, but it has now been confirmed as official:

1. Yesterday
2. Make My Heart
3. Hands Tied
4. Woman
5. If I Have To Wait
6. Lookin' At Me
7. Wardrobe
8. Hero
9. No Way
10. Pulse
11. Why Won't You Love Me

I have sooo many questions. Even if, let's say, the proposed Usher collaboration just never panned out & the Robin Thicke feature simply got cut (which I can't say for sure, but we'll get to that later), what about "Rewind," which was confirmed by Amazon little over a week ago, or, more significantly, "Caught (Don't Take Your Hat Off)," which features the (now) Oscar winner Mo'Nique?! I could care less about "Rewind" personally, but I was really starting to love "Caught" & it would be great buzz for the album! I'm also a bit confused because I would assume that they'll be including the Trey Songz-assisted version of "Yesterday," which begs the question: What other collaborations did they leave off this list? Will the recently leaked version of "Lookin' At Me" with Sean Paul be included? (If so, they had BETTER fix it because that "final" version that leaked is a MESS.) Will Robin Thicke or even Usher be added to one of these previously leaked tracks? (Please, God, not "Why Won't You Love Me!") I'm so confused. Concentrating on the positive though, they've included a whole lot of very strong material here. (Too bad it's all been leaked... so much for snail mail! But I digress.) I love me some Toni & I'll be supporting her regardless!


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Anonymous said...

i love toni so much the album leaked and i loved all the songs on it. Sean Paul is featured on "Looking At Me".