Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mariah Carey Album Update

As we await the release of the Memoirs dance remix album, Mariah Carey has wasted no time in getting started on her next project. She recently hit the studio with her "We Belong Together" collaborator Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox to kick off the album. There are so many things to say...

1) As a Mariah stan, I can't say this upsets me. It's not like they're going to release the music they just started working on tomorrow, so by the time the album's done, I might be ready for some new Mimi!

2) Having released a new album in each of the last two years & with talks of starting a family with Nick, Mariah might just be due for a break. If she's going to have/adopt a kid, there's no time like the present & maybe people will realize what they had whilst it's away!

3) As for Mariah specifically working with Jermaine Dupri, I want to be excited, but I'm stuck with this thought... isn't this kind of a step back from the growth she displayed on the last album? I know going back to JD is safe(-ish), but she's already showed that she's better than 'safe'!

So, that's my take. Do you agree with any/all of the above?


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