Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idol Review: Top 9 (Pt. 2)

Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me"

Elliott Yamin & Kara DioGuardi Visit Africa

To cap off a week of trying to help this sad, sad group with their stage presence (& failing... but don't worry, Adam--it's not your fault! Ya gotta work with what ya got!) as mentor, trusty ol' Adam Lambert gave a stellar performance of his stale current single. He was easily the week's highlight... but--imagine--what if that performance had been of "Aftermath"?! (Or "Broken Open"... or "Sleepwalker"... or "Soaked"... or anything something else!) Anyway, also putting in an appearance, more or less, during the results show, Elliott made a return trip to Africa to kick off this year's Idol Gives Back, which occurs next week. Throughout his segment, they played his James Fauntleroy-penned Fight For Love bonus track "Doorway", which is my JAM! Onto the contestants though... Crystal was her typical BowersUx self, Tim was his typical snoozy self, Old Yeller 2.0 was his typical awful self, Aaron actually managed to embarass himself more than usual, Siobhan was her typical talentless self, Michael was his typical snoozy self (They're so boring, my mind isn't even bothered to come up with different adjectives!), & Casey was his typical headache-inducing self. It was definitely Andrew's time to go, while I actually thought Katie was halfway decent for once... oh well. On to The BabyV Show(!):

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noi almost agree with everything except for Siobhan Magnus i think she is very talented