Thursday, April 8, 2010

Idol Review: Top 9 (Pt. 1)

David Archuleta "Imagine"

Rihanna "ROCKSTAR 101"

Just in case any of you were getting to that stage where you're wondering if this season's contestants really ARE that bad *cough cough*, enter David Archuleta. As if his rendition of "Imagine" wasn't perfect during the seventh season semifinals, he sang it even better on Wednesday! He has the most beautiful, PURE tone..! Interesting timing, I'd say, as Aaron kicked off Tuesday night with a song David sang on the show ... *getting heated, trying to fight it* ... I do NOT care WHO Ryan thinks you are, Mr. Kelly, but you can't even BEGIN to TOUCH Mr. Archuleta! (I guess trying to fight the anger off didn't work... *deep breath*) Katie was the highlight of the high school talent show & Andrew had just escaped from an angry mob of toddlers to whom he had apparently attempted to sing that same song to only moments earlier. Crystal gave the worst rendition I've ever heard of what I believe is the most-covered Beatles song in the history of the universe & Tim... nope, not wasting my energy. Casey still hasn't gone back to whatever bar basement he came from for whatever reason, Siobhan cccaaannnnnnooottt sssiiinnnggg, & Old Yeller 2.0 "represent[ed] just about everything I hate about music" (again, quoting myself)/was awful. Michael gave a performance more worthy of where he landed in the voting, rather than being saved, but I'm glad they used it on him so they can't use it on, well, any of the others! So, this is cool: fellow fourth season-er Nadia Turner joins Vonzell Boonquisha in this week's episode of The BabyV Show:

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