Friday, April 2, 2010

Idol Review: Top 10

Dirty Money "Hello Good Morning"

Usher ft. "OMG"

Ruben Studdard "Don't Make 'Em Like U No More"

R&B week on American Idol meant one thing for sure: A good (results) show! The contestants may have sucked it up as usual, but Wednesday night's three performers, like the week's mentor Usher (even though Dirty Money showed him up), did great. As for the terrible ten, the judges actually heard Siobhan's horrible voice for once & Casey continued on mumbling. After mutilating a poor, undeserving India.Arie song the night before, Michael got to sit through a performance from the man he so desperately wants to, but will never, EVER, be (Ruben! Oh yeah!!). Back to Tuesday, Tim just stared into the camera threateningly, but Andrew actually pulled off a decent performance for once. (Grading on a curve here!) Katie was kidding herself & Old Yeller 2.0 was *drumroll* awful. As for the last two, via my live tweets, "Crystal, blegh. Aaron, no. #thatisall Phew!!" Poor Didi left... I didn't care for her singing, but I liked her personality. *crickets* And now, for this week's episode of The BabyV Show:

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