Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*UPDATED* Nicole Scherzinger Joins Dancing With The Stars

The tenth season of Dancing With The Stars is upon us & that can only mean we have another celebrity to follow along the way. This time around, Nicole Scherzinger has landed herself a slot on the show. Yay! We already know she's got the necessary talent, now she just needs to go out there & let people know that 'her name is Nicole' ... if you know what I'm saying!

UPDATE: Nicole has landed Derek Hough, who won the show's seventh season, as her partner! Dancing With The Stars premieres on March 22nd.

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VIRGO said...

i loooovvvveee PCD but nicole for dwts?! im thinking she can already dance, and do the splits and all. i think her downfall will be that she doesnt come off friendly.