Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mary J. Blige Reworks "Stronger With Each Tear" For International Release

For its international release, Mary J. Blige's latest album Stronger With Each Tear has received an overhaul, new cover (see above) & all. In place of "Said & Done," "Hood Love," & "Kitchen" are six additional songs, one of them being the original title track "Stronger" -_- , which I've previously posted. Kicking the album off is the Led Zeppelin cover "Whole Lotta Love":

Not exactly what you expected, eh? Well, let me just say: Mary killed it! She did an awesome job with it & makes a great rock star. I must admit that Adam Lambert's version is stuck in the back of my mind & he's certainly an excellent fit for the song, but MJB did her thing as well. A few tracks later is the "I Can't Wait":

No doubt included for maximum appeal, as I'm sure most of the additions are, Mary works one of his rather stale beats very nicely. Now, MJB has been turning her song "Each Tear" into a collaboration with different artists to launch the album internationally. Previously posted was the duet between herself & Italian Tiziano Ferro. For the UK release, she sings alongside Jay Sean on the track:

I prefer this version to the one for Italy, but definitely neither to the original. Another new song is "City On Fire":

Very cool. Arguably the most high-profile new track is her remake of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven," which features accompaniment from Travis Barker, Randy Jackson, Steve Vai, & Orianthi:

Granted, I've nothing to compare it to personally, but I still think she did an awesome job! I know I keep using the word 'awesome' to describe soulful renditions of rock songs, but it just seems to fit so perfectly. Here's the last perk of the international version of Stronger With Each Tear, which is the Dave Aude remix of "I Am":

I quite like that one! I must say, I'm pretty excited about listening to the album with this new sequencing. I have a feeling that since this version seems to cut out some of the more lackluster tracks on the US edition that it will sound more like I had initially hoped it would.


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