Monday, March 22, 2010

Mariah Carey's "Angels Advocate" Shelved

Sad news: The release of Mariah Carey's Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel remix album Angels Advocate has been cancelled. This doesn't particularly come as a surprise, as the scheduled Target+iTunes release date of March 30th was fast approaching without either a cover or tracklisting being unveiled, not to mention the complete lack of promotion. Instead, assuring lambs that the remixed material "won't go to waste," Mariah's management is eyeing single releases for a few of the songs. Mimi's focus is now set on a new studio or Christmas album (don't hold your breath), one of which may be included in "some new surprises" she is working on. (May I suggest that HBO special based on Merry Christmas?!) Am I pleased that Def Jam didn't take advantage of "Up Out My Face'"s Hot 100 debut with a Mariah/Nicki performance somewhere (anywhere...)? Not in the least. Am I completely & utterly heartbroken? Nah. The majority of the leaks from the project have been less than impressive, to say the least (see below). I mean, what good can REALLY come of touching the perfection that is Memoirs?! Regardless, I'm still holding out for the release/leak of "It's A Wrap" with MJB as well as "Imperfect" & the final version of "Skydiving," not that the latter two were ever confirmed for the remix album anyway. I'll leave you now with a taste of what would have been:

Ribbon (Remix ft. The-Dream & Ludacris)

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Chelsey said...

No more remix albums?! That sucks man!