Monday, March 1, 2010

Katharine McPhee To Star In NBC Pilot + More

Apparently NBC saw something they liked when Katharine McPhee shot her guest-starring role on "Community" (her episode airs next Thursday, March 11th) because she's just been cast in their new pilot "The Pink House." In the comedy, Katharine will play Emily, a Midwest girl who has just moved into an apartment in LA, where she works as a pharmaceutical rep. Her neighbors are two guys who also moved to LA recently ... into a beachhouse. I'm not completely understanding the concept of the show from the descriptions I've read, but maybe it'll be one of those shows with comedy so strong that it doesn't really need a concept! All the best ones are. This is really cool for Kat though. I'll definitely be watching her next week for a glimpse into her comedic timing! Speaking of which, she'll soon be starring in the (retitled) romantic comedy "You May Not Kiss The Bride." Oh, & there's that new album Unbroken too. Busy Phee! (Get it? Not bee, but Phee?! Hehe.)

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