Saturday, March 6, 2010

Idol Review: Top 20

Because it's convenient, & because there were no decent guest performers on the show this week, we're gonna start off the Top 20 Idol Review with the latest episode of The BabyV Show! I would also like to point out that Vonzell's new single "Dirt Bag" is out on iTunes NOW, so click HERE to get it! It's really good!!

Anyway, since they did, let's start with the boys. I feel I need to defend my man Todrick Hall because he 1) did even better this week than last, 2) did what the judges told him to do, & 3) was not given the credit he was due. I'm not saying it couldn't have been better, but especially considering it's still the semifinals, he did well, especially on the last note. Jermaine Sellers improved dramatically from last week, so it's a shame he went. As for the rest of the pack, Michael Lynche is ridonkulously overrated! Do the judges REALLY want another Ruben to win after the *massive* success he's had? (Sorry, had to say it!) John Park needed to go & Casey James sang a song I hate (horribly), but Alex Lambert was actually alright, although I haven't been converted. I didn't get Aaron Kelly ("My Girl?" Really?!) & Tim Urban, & Lee Dewyze is still awful. As for Andrew Garcia, I'll give him credit for putting the guitar down, but I'm not going to comment further until he gets his act together.

Now for the girls. Paige Miles was good. I'm pretty excited to see her some more... I can't shake the feeling that she's no J-Hud, but we shall see. I was less than pleased to see Michelle Delamor go, especially because she did a pretty good job this week. Definitely didn't mind Haeley Vaughn leaving though. Nothing would've compared however to the joy I would've felt had the duo behind all my frustration & hatred, Crystal Bowersox & Lilly Scott, been sent packing. If they make it to the finale, so help me. I didn't like Lacey Brown (an improvement though), Katie Stevens (eh), Didi Benami (That song! Ugh!!), Katelyn Epperly (ish), or Siobhan Magnus (especially!).

I'm still not seeing it. Ah well... if you're like me & need a little cheering up, here's a bonus episode of The BabyV Show (A Boonquisha exclusive!) from this week:

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