Friday, March 12, 2010

Idol Review: Top 16

Umm... I almost don't even want to do this, ya know? *Sigh* Well, the girls delivered one of the WORST nights of competition in the history of the show on Tuesday. Probably the best performance of the night came from Lacey Brown--& I don't even like her. The only other person who had a halfway-decent showing was actually Didi Benami, but she is such a one-trick pony that I don't even care. Katie Stevens was a mess, Siobhan Magnus was an even bigger mess, & Crystal Bowersox... *glare*. I wanted Paige Miles to kill it so that we could finally see all that potential Simon keeps talking about &, although she (REALLY) lucked out & will have yet another chance to prove herself, the only thing she killed--tried to at least--were my ear drums. Despite having more potential than most of the other girls, Katelyn Epperly failed & I couldn't care less that she's gone; as for Lilly Scott's exit, I'll take that as a point for the team of us that is quickly realizing that this show has officially lost its ability to find any undiscovered singing talent in America.

On Wednesday, the boys sucked too. Lee Dewyze (Owl City? Really?!) was awful; Tim Urban was horrible (& the judges have lost their minds/memories); Andrew Garcia was a messy, messy mess; Casey James... I can't remember at all, but I know he was bad; Aaron Kelly is suuuch a joke (sorry, kid); & Michael Lynche continues to blow my mind with his strange ability to make the judges drool over his foolishness! Kara, you know you wrong. This week, Todrick Hall finally delivered something that had been missing for the entire season: Vocals. So, I'm sad to see him go. On the other hand, Alex Lambert's voice is rather terrible, but I felt sorry for the poor guy when he was eliminated (...not that he would beem if he read this...).

There you have it. The only (possible) hope I have for this season lies in Paige. You guys know... David, Adam, Syesha... I typically find people to obsess over. Buuut, no. Not this time. I'm glad I get to leave you on a happy note though this season with *drum roll* The Baby V Show(!):

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