Thursday, March 18, 2010

Idol Review: Top 12

This week, the remaining 12 contestants took to the big stage & the competition heate... zzzzzzzzzz--oh, sorry. Michael Lynche was up first & sucked as always. Didi Benami was her typically dull self & Casey James talked his way through a song yet again. Then there was Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban... blah blah blah (*unpleasant flashback to the results show*). I've really got to bring the world back to reality though re: Siobhan Magnus. She's like an overgrown child who loves the sound of her own voice, yet can't tell the difference between singing & screaming. How in the WORLD is she even ON this show?! She's absolutely terrible & she's most likely going to make the finale... like, for real?!? On a related note, Lee Dewyze was awful again. Now, Paige Miles: I've included her performance above. I'm not saying she was nearly as good as divas past at all, but she actually showed her voice off for once--on the week that she was sick, no less--& gave me a teeny, tiny something to look forward to. Then, that silly little Aaron Kelly went up there & tortured me. In the pimp spot, naturally, was Crystal Bowersox. Without really saying anything negative, the judges tried to de-pimp her a little bit anyway in an effort to avoid the Archuleta/Lambert backlash. But, she's horrible. She, along with just about every single one of these people, belongs in her nearest hometown bar--one that I'd be sure to avoid! This show's ability to find talent officially began with Kelly Clarkson & ended with Adam Lambert. Oh, Lacey Brown. I wasn't really a fan; I might've kept her around a couple weeks longer than a few of these people, but I'm fine with her leaving. Time for something to make you smile! Below is the birthday special of The BabyV Show. Everybody wish Vonzell & Boonq a happy birthday!

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