Friday, March 26, 2010

Idol Review: Top 11

There was nothing to take away from the final 11 contestants performing during what might as well have been Disney week. Well, I take that back: We did get to see Simon telling it like it is (terrible!) for one of the last times. Lee Dewyze (who looks to have taken over Danny Gokey's slot as Old Yeller) was awful & Tim Urban continued being unaware of his status as this season's joke. Ryan Seacrest had me heated at his comparison of Aaron Kelly, who is one of many mediocre singers this season that have absolutely no place in this competition, to David Archuleta, while Crystal Bowersox screeched a song that Pink often covers brilliantly & Simon had the nerve to compare her version to Crystal's! The mediocre Michael Lynche was dull & unimpressive; Andrew Garcia was a mess as usual. Katie Stevens is just another boring young'n with a decent voice not nearly worthy of this show & Casey James' mumbling into a microphone is getting really annoying. Didi Benami may have a decent recording voice, but she cannot seem to pull off a good performance, while Siohban Magnus simply cannot sing! I suppose it's a shame the only contestant that showed any promise, Paige Miles, went home this week, yet, after her pathetic performance this week, I'm pretty much convinced she just doesn't have it. (She did have the misfortune of being sick for the majority of her time on the show, so I guess we'll never know for sure, but still.) Anyway, check out this week's episode of The BabyV Show cause it's one of the best so far:


WG said...

Yeah its like, was David and Adam and all the others compared to previous people? I think this season struggles to the point, aside from a few, that they have to call out older shows names. Are people like Aaron not big enough artists to be an Aaron Kelly? They admit that when they call him other names. Well......lets just change this subject and ask, when will Simon go choke on his own puke? Always throwing up on the contestants. Not soon enough, last year. If I ever meet him, I'm swinging!

Jessica said...

um.. why do you even bother watching the show? if you hate it so much.. but i totally agree.. barf!